One of the best things about our new neighborhood…

One of the great things about our neighborhood is the cuisines. Our neighborhood is full of all different ethnicities, and they all have different foods, and a lot of them are on South Broadway. (Which is not very far from the new abode.)

One of our favorites is an Arab place Ya hala. They have amazingly good food, and while it isn’t particularly cheap, it isn’t particularly expensive either.[Stephanie wrote me afterwards to say that she thinks it’s very cheap– It’s definitely cheaper than lots of other places, but the two of us eat there for around $10-$12 per person– if it were $10-$15, then I’d say it’s cheap! But you know, one woman’s cheap is another man’s fair to middling]The owner, Ziad, is an excellent guy who makes some of the specialties himself. We had a Ya hala feast as a houseclosing party the day after we closed on the house. The food is always excellent.

I think that while the kitchen is being done, we’ll have Ya Hala on speed dial.

Next door to Ya Hala is an Arab grocery called Hala. They’ve got foods, teapots, and housewares. It’s great to go in– it’s really as if you’ve walked into the Middle East. (Not that I’ve ever been to the Arab Middle East– I’ve really only been to Israel, and I’m guessing it’s at least slightly different. Nevertheless, it makes me think that I’m in the Middle East, and that’s what I’m sayin’…)
Ya Hala Restaurant
(914) 476-4200
326 S Broadway
Yonkers, NY 10705






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