Drip… Drip…. Drip…………….Drip…Drip…Drip………

Yesterday was a bit of a difficult day.

Aaron (our carpenter/foreman/go-to guy) wasn’t able to show up today (or yesterday either) due to an emergency out at the mansion/school that he is a caretaker for.

Santana (our plumber) wasn’t able to come in because he had too much going on at the three other jobs he’s now doing (when he started with us, we were his only job)

Stephanie (the other person in this facacta crazy situation) left the house at 8:30 am, and didn’t come back until 10:30 pm.

I took my car into the Honda service, and it turned out that my appointment was only for me to drop off the car– they’d take a look at it after lunch sometime. (And it turned out the loud noise I was hearing were my wheel bearings, which apparently need replacing to the tune of $600 smackeroos. And they don’t have the parts in stock!

So not only was I alone in the house, I didn’t have a car, had an absent girlfriend, have a dwindling bank account, and a lot of stuff to do that I don’t know how to do.

When it rains it pours!

Speaking of which, around 8:30 pm I was watching the TIVO (yes, we have only one room painted in the house, but both our wireless internet and our TIVO are fully functioning. Can you say priorities? By the way the movie I was watching was Sideways, which was a great film that has been on the TIVO for ages. I am sad to report that Paul Giamati’s character was far too familiar).

So while watching Sideways, I heard a strange noise upstairs. Sounded like the wind, but it was a little too regular for the wind. I looked upstairs, and it turned out that one of our newly installed pipes was leaking.

I found buckets, I called the plumber (got his cell phone answering machine), and then tried to figure out how to shut off the water. I thought there were shutoffs upstairs, but apparently the leak was below that, because I had to go downstairs to shut off the water. Which meant that we had no water for the house for the evening.

Today is a whole new day!
Santana called me this morning to say he’s coming at 9 am, Aaron is coming at 11:30 am, my car should hopefully be fixed (although sadly, I’ll be out 600 balloons) and I turned on the water so that we can take showers. A little water won’t hurt us (will it?)






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