The Queen of Paint… and a chilling tale with a moral.

So I made a little mistake yesterday. The painter asked me which color to paint the sun-room (which is a little bonus room that we have) And I told him–which was naturally the biggest mistake of all!

But first– a little backstory:
Stephanie has a very nice sister-in-law, who for reasons of privacy we shall dub The Queen of Paint (Q of P) Her S-in-law is a fabulous set decorator for television, including shows such as Whose Line Is it Anyway and Six Feet Under.

Anyway, on Friday, the painter asked us which color to paint the sunroom– and I told him we’d get back to him– Well, on Monday, I told him what we’d decided (cornmeal yellow, which is the same color as the hallway and the downstairs living room) This was decided on a phone consultation with the Queen of Paint, who said on the phone that “Tasteful is not a bad thing.” (Which amazingly I agree with, although I just don’t want it to be TOO tasteful, because too much of anything is a bad thing, which is why cutesy cutesy things like Barney and ultra coordinated things like Martha Stewart make most right-thinking people (and left-leaning liberals such as myself) want to hurl.)

So the problem came down to the trim– he wanted to know what color to paint the trim– And so I told him to paint the trim with the upstairs trim color– reasoning that the sunroom is upstairs, so that’s the color the trim should be (as we decided)

But Oh NO. Since the color of the trim goes through to the downstairs, the trim and ceiling should apparently be the same as the downstairs trim color, even though it’s upstairs.

See, if I had only followed my instincts and refused to be tricked into answering, then I wouldn’t be responsible. My friend Chris told me a similar story, in which he did not succumb to male answer syndrome, and shifted the responsibility to the proper parties.

I’m sure this incident will be haunting me for months to come as an example of my irresponsibility, incompetence, and my inability to decorate, and therefore let’s put up some more pastel color combinations… I’m going to have to put my foot down and
never answer any questions again.

Either that or just paint it all Mattel Hot Wheels Blue, (with the Spectaframe paint, which was my original choice…

So the chilling moral– “Don’t get tricked into answering any questions!”

The cornmeal looks pretty good though.






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