A not so moving post about moving.

May I rant for a moment?

I have just spent the day getting ready for the big move tomorrow (in which all of my stuff follows my example and makes the trek from Providence to Yonkers.) Would that it were that easy– If I could train my stuff to do my bidding like fleas, it would be easy! :o)

I haven’t moved in 15 years, and it’s been emotionally and physically draining to get all this stuff together, to throw stuff out I should have thrown out years ago, pack stuff up, and then box it up– oh, did I mention the fact that the elevator is out, which basically makes my apartment a third floor walkup? Lots of fun.

I am exhausted– I have been in Providence for the last couple of days packing– And was up until 3 am last night packing. I’m nervous that we won’t be able to get it all done in time.

Today, I hired two guys from Craigslist to help me pack up books and move stuff around from 1-6 pm. — They did a great job. We packed 17 boxes of books to go to Goodwill (tomorrow at 7 am), and then took the 60 (yes 60– what can I say, I like to read) boxes of heavy books down three flights of stairs and put them next to the doorway, ready to go out tomorrow– Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow.

I’ve hired the Craigslist guys for tomorrow as well, as well as two guys from Labor-Ready, and the two movers– that means we’ll have 6 guys working here– which means that we should be able to pack it all up in 4-5 hours (I figured we have about 200 trips to make up and down the stairs, at an average of 5 minutes each– that’s 1000 man-minutes, or 16.667 man hours. Rounding up to 20 hours– that would take 5 guys 4 hours– we’ve got 6 guys, plus me, and 60 of those trips up and down the stairs have been made much shorter. So I feel like we are in pretty good shape. (Ain’t math wonderful?)

If I am able to stand, I still have a bunch of packing to do tonight.

And then comes the unpacking. And then qfter thqt

I never want to do this again!






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