We both got stoned late last night…

Don’t get alarmed people, we were not inebriated, intoxicated, defusticated, or otherwise incapacitated in our ability to function. Nor did we drive an automobile while in said state. (WE would NEVER do that!) And we didn’t inhale. (well, okay, we inhaled a little, but only when there wasn’t much choice. I can say truthfully that if and when we did inhale, we didn’t like it. And if we did like it, it wasn’t our faults. Honest! It was that crappy President Bush who forced us to. (And he had already snorted all the cocaine!)

In case you haven’t figured it out yet– yesterday was our granite day. The granite guys were supposed to arrive between 12 and 4 pm. Naturally, and as one could easily expect from our past history with workmen glorious and not so, this was not to be the case.

Stephanie worked at home Thursday afternoon, because I could not be trusted to put the holes in the sinks where they were supposed to go. Truthfully, I prefer that– I don’t like being the middle man in a situation where I’m trying to explain to somebody else what somebody else thinks should be done. Let the first somebody else do it. Unfortunately, I’ve been the middle man very often between Stephanie and some workman trying to explain the very particular way that this thing is supposed to be attached, or hung in a certain place and then it turns out that we put it in the wrong place (according to Stephanie) This increases the stress level for everybody enormously. I mean, if Stephanie would interact with the workman directly, at least I wouldn’t be stressed directly. (Of course I’d hear all about it, and have to offer solutions, so maybe I would be)

Anyway, at least on one occasion, her thought of the right location for a certain hallway light was really the wrong location, and the location that I selected was the right location. It sounds hard to believe, but it’s true. She has even admitted as such to me in private, but I’m not sure she’d be willing to admit the error of her ways in public. And unless I desire to sleep in a non-existent doghouse, I think we shall say “enough said” about this particular incident in our house-building situation and move on.

So anyway, the granite guys were supposed to come today, as was the plumber Santanam and Stephanie took a half day off of work. (She went in from 8-12) Sadly, the plumber called to say he had to go to court for a summons, and the granite guys never really called at all. Around 1, I called them, and they said they’d be running late. How late, they were afraid to commit to. And by 5 when they didn’t show up, we got worried– we called them and said– It has to be tonight– Stephanie can’t do it any other day.

Well, to make a long story short, they rolled up around 9:30 or so. They were here until around 10:45 and they installed the granite. And it looks WONDERFUL!

They will still have to come back to install a couple of backsplash pieces that were measured incorrectly, and there were a couple of minor measuring mishaps that needed to be corrected, but overall, it’s mostly in.

Of course, the plumber hasn’t arrived today even, which means it will be Monday or Tuesday (knock wood) before the sinks are installed and working. But hey, it’s progress.

And because I feel that you deserve it– here are some photos for you to savor at and enjoy….

This is the cooktop with granite on either side– the back of the cooktop still needs to be worked on, as well as the backsplashes for this wall.
This is the entry way island–(next to the pantry)
This is the sink wall. Notice the delicious double sink! (Sadly it’s not connected, and the dishwasher is not yet installed. We’ve still got work to do
This is the island with the round bar sink. It’s got two holes, one for a faucet and one for a pot-filler. Hopefully the pot-filler hose will reach….






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