Yonkers Safari

Are you all tired of Disney yet?

I can hear you all grumbling– “This isn’t the Disney blog- This is the house blog! Make with the house already!” I am always interested in serving the imagined wishes of my imaginary readers, so I will. Well, at least the outside of the house.

While we were at Disney, our house underwent a tremendous and radical transformation. Unbeknownst to me, it seems that our house must be radioactively charged In the 12 days that we were gone, our relatively tidy (and tiny) lawn became an unkempt jungle of weeds. The weeds are nearly 1 foot tall! And some are even larger!

Perhaps it is a secret government plan to grow inedible plants in case of nuclear disaster. Or a plot by Sears to make me buy more of the yellow string that runs my weedwhacker. Or perhaps the weeds are alien life forms on vacation, and somehow our house in Yonkers has become a “Disney-style” resort for aliens.

In any case it’s incredibly hot out (this area is supposed to have a heat wave this week!, with the heat index reaching 110 degrees! Stupid humidity)

Nevertheless, I need to go out and cut down huge swaths of weeds. I would do it with a machete, but in Yonkers that might seem to be a little like asking for trouble. Between the weedwhacker from Sears and the push lawnmower my friend Rob found on Craigslist, I might just make it out with my head still attached!






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