Everything has gone wrong today.

Not having the best of days today.

1) It’s +90 degrees (inside the house!) I’m cursing that stupid insulation,
that is apparently keeping all of the hot air in the house. I’m camped out
in the bedroom, where the air conditioner is struggling to get it down to
76. At least it’s relatively cool in here. I bought two fans, and they are
at least pumping some hot air out of the house, but you know what– it’s
still hot air!

2) The internet is out– I’m sending this via a stolen and very wonky
wireless connection that keeps on going on and off. (and via email) Not
sure what’s going on. WirelessThing2– thank you for installing an
unprotected connection. Now get a repeater or something so I can steal more
signal! The internet guy will come sometime tomorrow, supposedly, between 8
am and 8 pm– yeah, that’s the best they can do. Pitiful!

3) The air conditioning guy cancelled– he’s got clients that have stuff
installed, but no a/c. And our heat wave is ramping up. (*Hopefully to
break tonight with major thunderstorms. The other a/c guy hasn’t called me
back, despite 3 calls into their large company. Apparently they don’t want
or need my business.

4) The Sears guys came after waiting for 2 weeks for them, and they think
there’s nothing wrong with the dryer. Even though it was making a weird
clanking sound. According to them, a button could have gotten into the
inside somehow, and their lifting it up to check it out may have settled it
down. (There was also a weird incident, which I shall tell about.Last
week’s Sears guy ordered some parts for the dryer. The two guys who came
today (one of them was an older guy who told me he played conga in a salsa
band for 30 years, and was clearly a knowledgeable dryer guy) Anyway they
say that the parts weren’t necessary at all. And the first guy (a younger
hispanic guy, when he walked in the house, he nearly immediately, stepped
right into the 2×2 hole in the floor that is our return duct (Yes, that’s
right, we haven’t gotten any grates. Probably a good idea. But come on,
there’s a big gaping hole in the floor! Not small. 2×2. . He didn’t
break his leg or anything, although he did dislodge the flexiduct which I’ve
managed to temporarily re-install, and if the a/c guy ever gets here, he can
re-install it. It was a little wonky anyway.

So, today was a wasted day, although I’m busy writing a script for a next
week surprise event that I’m performing at. (Can’t really say anymore right
now in public, but suffice to say, it could be the beginning of a series of
gigs next year in a not-so-distant city (that is not NYC)

There’s always the hope that tomorrow will go better!






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