The Crack House has been sold!

I was a little late picking up Stephanie at the train station yesterday, because I was speaking to the new owner of the house across the street (the one that we have affectionately dubbed “The Crack House”)

For followers of our blog, this is the very house that during the winter and early spring housed the scary young gentlemen who had no visible means of support and drank mysterious substances from paperbags. (The same fine gentlemen who were caught by Stephanie peeing on our garage) Let us just say that we were glad to see the back of them.

I’d been wondering what had been happening with the house, and apparently it has been bought (I didn’t even know it was on the market) The new owner is an Eastern European gentleman (Russian? Polish? Lithuanian? I didn’t catch exactly where his accent was from) He plans on living there, which is really great– it will help cure the absentee landlord thing not be a thing)

When I did pickup Stephanie, we were talking about restaurants, and she said, “We got a new menu from Siam Something” and my heart lept. “Great,” I thought to myself, our neighborhood is changing! The Thai restaurants are moving in!” But sadly, she then corrected my error– that it was in her work neighborhood (in Manhattan) that the restaurant was moving in, not our Yonkers neighborhood. Oh well, a guy can dream!

We ended up at a restaurant last night called Kang Suh– a Korean barbecue place on Central Park Ave in Yonkers. The food was very good, although slightly expensive– we didn’t have the barbecue, but our food in general was very very good!

Kang Suh . . . (914) 771-4066 or 771-4035 2375 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers
Review of their Manhattan branch.






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