The Mayor’s Secret Hotline, and OPD

So last week sometime, I went out to grab some dinner (Stephanie was going to have one of her meetings for the fershlugginer synagogue (I’m starting to forget what she looks like– she goes to work, she goes to synagogue meetings, she goes to sleep) In fact, we’re going out on a date tonight just so that we can remember why we are dating.

Anyway, when I came back there was an old door and a mattress box spring in my parking space. Which is at the back of our property.

I was more than a little upset. Not only do I not want to have my parking space or property be a dumping ground for neighbors, non-neighbors or others in the area to leave their possessions, but now I am somehow saddled with the ridiculous task of figuring out what to do with this detritus.

I called the Yonkers police (which is the non-emergency hotline, but is apparently connected to the 911 hotline anyway) and they told me to call the Mayor’s hotline. which, for the uninitiated, is 377-HELP (4357). It’s a division of the Department of Public Works, and their job is to help with street lights,

You see, the mayor of Yonkers is trying to set up a quality of life 311 number similar to New York’s. But they already have it, this 377-HELP.

Anyway, I called that number and within 10 minutes, at 7 pm at night, a garbage truck came by and hauled away the bad stuff. Which is a win for me (tax paying citizen that I am) and a win for whoever dumped that stuff on my lawn, as they didn’t have to deal with it. I just need to figure out how to make it a loss for that guy, so that whenever I come back from wherever I’m going, I don’t find OPD on the lawn (Other People’s Detritus)






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