Lock story #2: Not locked out… Not at all.

Here’s kind of the opposite tale of woe with regards to a door story, and equally scary.

So I was in Providence for two days doing work on my upcoming New year’s Eve Festival, as I am wont to be at this time of year, and Stephanie was in the city, doing her job, as she is wont to do, which means nobody but Joe (feline to the left, and my arch-nemesis) was minding the house, keeping our house safe from our neighbors and other ne’er do wells and such that populate our proximate perimeter. (oooohhh alliteration!) And Joe was being aided ably by our handy dandy alarm system.

At 3:44 pm, I get a call from the alarm company saying that there was an alarm code from our front door, and what should they do? dispatch the police? As I am 3 hours by car away, and Stephanie is an hour and a half by transport away (and that’s another kick in the butt– I’m 160 miles away, and Stephanie is 15 miles away– Grist for a different mill) So I say Yes– please dispatch the police.

About 20 minutes later, I get a call from my mom that says that the Yonkers police just called her in Narragansett RI, and they are going to call me. Talk about scary for her! Moments later, I get a call from MY HOUSE, and it’s an officer. He suggests that somehow, the front door was left UNLOCKED, and that a DHL guy opened the door and put a package in, and that set the alarm in motion, and what should he do? I walked and talked him through the process of locking the door and getting out of the house making sure in the process that Joe had not absconded for parts unknown, and started driving to Yonkers (sorry mom, no dinner with you tonight!)

Made it home in 3 hours flat and nothing was stolen, thank god! (especially the TIVO, which has bunches of stuff I need! :o) ) Apparently either I or Stephanie left the front door open. Now I don’t think I did, and Stephanie doesn’t think that she did, so perhaps it was Joe? I guess I might have, after doing all that work on Sunday. It just doesn’t seem like me though to leave that unlocked. I’m usually very locky.

Oh well, it’s done, and we’re not the worse for wear. And I hope that it never happens again!

Now they say that stories happen in threes…. In the last two days I’ve been locked out, and had an unlocked door. Perhaps some kind of lox lies in the near future?
Or Goldilocks will come to our door, and then huff and puff, and blow my…. oh but this is a family blog!

I know it won’t be anything involving John Locke of TV’s Lost, as it is now off the air for three months. (Boo Hoo)

Maybe my next set of things will be about the Florida Keys….






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