Just to get something clear…

I’ve been making my trek back and forth to Providence for the last couple of weeks, getting Bright Night ready (and now doing all the necessary clean up for the festival) I often stop at the Stop-n-shop for Gas, but usually I pay by credit card. This time, I decided to pay by cash—. Fortunately, I had plenty of quarters!

I’m really just imagining the circumstances that forced the creation of that sign. Is that a common complaint? “Hey, I put the money down, and it blew away. Hey it’s not my fault. Hey, once I lay it down, it’s as if I’ve paid it. If you don’t pick it up in time, it’s not my fault. Yeah, it was a 20. I don’t know, somewhere over there.”

Anyway, I chuckled, I took a picture, I shared it with you.

Enough said!






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