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Wintertime… And the shoveling’s easy…

Last night it snowed like the dickens, and snow means that my home owner duties are calling. What it means that I have to get up at the crack of Oh Dark Thirty to shovel. Sadly, that snow doesn’t shovel itself.

The good news is that unlike the Valentine’s Day Snow-(which was a hateful, awful day– there wasn’t any ice, it snowed at night, and it didnt continue to snow) Today’s snow was in fact perfect for shoveling– thick, and light, and a little wet. Easy to shovel. I almost didn’t mind the fact that we’ve got so much frontage cover (we live on a corner, so that means that I’ve got to do both sides of the house, plus the long driveway area. And don’t forget the front door walkway and the back door walkway. Basically a lot of shovelling.

I have a method… I cut the areas into smaller areas– I do the backdoor out to the sidewalk, and then do the sidewalk towards the driveway, but stop at the driveway. Then I go back and do the rest of the sidewalk to the end of the street. Then I do the side of the house (actually the front) Then I do the front stairs. Then I salt everything, because now I’m tired. And then I do the driveway last of all, because I need more salt in the garage which is next to the driveway. So the last thing I do is salt, and then I go inside and take a shower. Because after that I am VERY smelly!

Okay, it’s a little anal, and it’s a little programmed. but hey, whatever gets you through the shovelling.

After the shovelling today outside, I decided to do some shovelling inside, and went through the mounds of papers that have been sitting around my desk in boxes. I really did some good hard paper throwing out today. Threw out two huge bags of shredded paper, and reduced 5 big unorganized boxes to 4 smaller boxes a little more organized. Tomorrow, I do more organizing and filing. I’m trying to get this stupid paper under control. If only there were some kind of salt that I could put on all of the paper that I have and it would just dissolve.