Little tiny holes in the house, and a very cold closet

The weather has been extremely cold, and that means that the house has been surprisingly cold. I go around the house, wearing my sweater, putting my hands around every opening in the house (doors and windows), and trying to figure out where needs to be caulked. I’m not very good with a caulk gun, but at least i know where it SHOULD be caulked.

Last year we had our house insulated, and generally the house is pretty comfortable at around 65-66 degrees, which is pretty good. There are two exceptions. Our bed is up against an exterior wall, and it is a little colder then I would like. But that’s where the bed fits.

And the other place where the house is cold is in our walk-in closet. It’s over the outside porch, so there’s not a room underneath, and it is nippy in there (with a capital NIP). It’s kind of like the cold room at Fairway (a great market in Harlem, which has a whole refrigerated room where you go in and buy your meats– they have extra parkas hanging on hooks if you forgot yours.) I guess the floor doesn’t have insulation in it, and that’s why it’s so cold. Perhaps I should call the insulation company and say “Hey– what the hell!– Insulate my ENTIRE HOUSE, dagnabbit!”

The front door still has some draft too– I foamed the exterior, but I apparently didn’t do as good a job as I thought I did…. I should probably hire somebody who knows how to do it, but it seems like it should be such an easy thing. The next time it’s warm enough to keep the door open for a little bit, I’m going to add more foam and see where I missed…






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