The Grill that never arrived.

We had our memorial day barbecue on Saturday, and it was a lot of fun. Had about 14 people show up throughout the day, and here it is Tuesday and our larder is still full of leftover food.

Weirdly, the grill that we bought from Amazon did not arrive on time, so on Friday night we went out and bought a charcoal grill– The Aussie walkabout grill (we bought the red one from Home Depot, but this is the same product via Amazon) The grill really cooked great, and did a good job.

Stephanie and I had a little bit of an argument about this– she thought we should just go out and buy a big gas grill (so that no one can steal it in our neighborhood, because it’s so big) I really wanted to do our research, because I didn’t want to spend $300 on something like that– the $65 travel grill I thought was okay, and the home depot grill was fine, but I didn’t want to go out and spend $300 because of our party. We are still in the market for a gas grill (I guess I’ll send back the other one, unless I absolutely love it) but in the meantime, the charcoal was super easy to use (and apparently easier if you get a charcoal chimney to help cook the initial charcoal.

As well, a friend of ours had a great suggestion about building a shelf on our porch overhang to hold food and tools etc. It’s a very good idea, and if I do it, I’ll document it here. The thing is, I want this shelf to be relatively easy to come off too, so it’s not there fulltime.






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