Some Photos From the Rafting Trip

We had a great time on our rafting trip as you can see from this selection of photographs that I pulled off of Steven’s surprisingly good waterproof throwaway camera.

On the photo above It’s Stephanie that is holding the oar and looking like she’s just about to hit one of her colleagues in the head.

This is us sneaking up on our comrades/slash enemies. Brice is getting ready to dump a whole bunch of water on somebody in the front boat.

This is kind of a nice shot that shows a lot of my view. I sat in the back and mostly saw everybody’s backs. Hey, I had their backs!

We prepare for war. They are heading right at us!

More war, and one that really gets to the heart of it. I love this shot and the next one. There’s a real sense of action. I think that Stephanie took both of these.

Another great shot of the war. The little gun was surprisingly effective, and Brice was a master with it. Stephanie took this one too.

The love birds our ownselves!






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