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November 4th, 2007:

Cutting the lawn makes you more neighborly

I had to cut the lawn the other day. After my lawnmower debacle incident in August, I hadn’t cut the lawn at all. The weeds were getting high, the lawn was looking raggedy, and I got a notice from the Yonkers City Hall that I needed to cut my lawn! Apparently, they can fine you for not cutting your lawn!

So I bought a new lawnmower from Amazon.com,(well, same lawnmower, this one with the wheel hopefully more permanently attached) and when it came in, I plugged it in, and mowed.

The lawn looks a lot better, even though after I mowed (I mulched, even though Stephanie complains about the look– I think it’s better than not mowing, and collecting all the lawn is a dirty pain in the ass) While I was mowing, three or four people stopped me to say “You are new in the neighborhood!” or “Hey Man!” One woman told me in her broken English that she was glad we got a pumpkin, but we needed to carve it to keep the bad spirits out, like they do in her home country Cuba.

I still have more outside work to do before winter sets in furiously (I’ll be out there mowing on Thanksgiving no doubt) but I do have a bit of pride about having done that little bit (and it being better for the neighborhood)

Go southwest Yonkers!

Photos of the Clown as a Not So Young Man

I sat for a portrait with Bill Wadman, a photographer working on a 365 day project. Each day he takes a portrait of a different person, and posts it. It might be a book or a calendar, or a something one day. I’m 11/02. He’s been doing this project for a whole year. His photos are amazing!

It was a lot of fun to be photographed for this purpose. I generally love getting my photo taken, and like most clowns, have been photographed thousands of times (and am probably on refrigerators and snapfish accounts all over the country)

Bill was really great to work with, and he has a great eye. So much of being a good photographer or videographer is catching the subject in the act of being themselves. (and hopefully fabulous)

So here’s the photo that he ended up choosing of me. And then a gallery of 11 others that he took that were possibles. (our photo shoot ended up with over 100 shots– but to get eleven that were print inclusive worthy is amazing.)

What can I say, I give good photo!

If you like the photo, please click the image to see Bill’s page, and comment on it there!