Excitement abounds… oh but the smell!

No, I’m not talking about the bun in the oven nor the upcoming nuptials that we have been preparing for. Those are of course exciting, and will no doubt be future grist for future multiple blog postings, but for today, and only for today, I’m talking about a more immediate concern: The kitchen cork floor has been re-sealed!

Apparently the cork floors need to be re-sealed every couple of years for good measure. A few days ago I went and bought a couple of very expensive pints of the sealer, and today our good friend Mike K. (okay, a good guy who was the guy who installed the floors to start with) came over and sealed them again. (BTW, he’s started a company for his flooring business with a great name, called “You’ll Be Floored” http://youllbefloored.com/ )

He’s the main installer of cork flooring for Globus Cork company, and he’s really good at it.

So, now it’s done, and except for the non-walking on it (can’t walk on it for at least an hour, and then after that not with shoes for 4 hours) and the incredible awful smell that is permeating the house (oh yes, and the horrible mewling of the cat who doesn’t like being locked up, but really shouldn’t be mucking around in this varnish stuff) Everything is Jim Dandy.

The horrible part about it is that I have to re-put everything in the pantry floor that I took out, which is going to be a trial and a tribulation. The pantry is great, but the floor gets mucked up easily….







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