Batting clean up….

We spent much of the day cleaning up the house. We got a lot of work done, but have much yet to do. It was hard, un-thanking work, yet we did it.

Stephanie was very much a trooper– I like to complain about everything, but she put in quite a bit of work and didn’t complain hardly at all!

We took everything out of the cat room, and cleaned it up and tossed out about 3-5 boxes of crap and hardware that we’ve been holding on to– just in case. My god we had a lot of that, including about a million computer cables, electric boxes, electrical outlets, etc.

We then took a half hour break (that turned into a 3 hour break) and then turned our attentions upstairs. I have to say that we did quite alot of work there also– the middle room was an absolute mess– and although we still have more to do again, we now at least can stand around. This becomes vitally important because Stephanie’s brother and sister-in-law and two kids will stay with us during the wedding, and then during the summer, I have to transfer my office up to the third floor.

Doing this clean-up is something that I’ve been fearing for a long time, so the fact that we at least started is a good sign. Now I need to do some more over the next few days.






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