Details about my son

His nose is as long as the second joint on my index finger.

His thumb is as long as the first joint on my thumb.

It looks like he’s going to have fairly stocky fingers, particularly his thumbs. Probably not a virtuoso piano player.

His toes look like mine, not Adam’s. At least that’s one thing he got from me. Oh, that and the long eyelashes.

His whiny-cry and his laugh can sometimes sound similar. His aunts and his nanny can’t always tell the difference. But his mommy always can.

When he first started eating solids he really favored holding food with his left hand, much to his daddy’s delight. Now he’s an equal opportunity grabber/stuffer. We’ll see what happens.

He has enough hair now that when I kiss the back of his neck now I’m kissing hair, instead of skin. And I can run my fingers through the hair on top of his head.

Sometimes I look at him and can imagine him at 3. Or 6. But more often I hold him and wish I could hold him, just like he is, forever.






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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    I read every word.
    Love you, Moshe

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