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Set your Clok Radio.

We have one of those Ipod clok radio’s (made by emerson, bought at Target) that works very well.

The only problem was that it recently needed to have the time reset, and I had thrown out the manual, and the setting of the clock is not intuitive.

It also turns out that for whatever reason, Emerson doesn’t make a manual available online.

Looking around on the internet, there’s lots of other people with the same problem.

So for those of us with my Clok radio problems, this one’s for you, and for all posterity, and mostly so that if you ever do come over for a visit, and I happen to be indisposed and you need to reset the time on my radio for your own nefarious purposes, here’s how:

1. Press the power button off (no functions highlighted).

2. Press and hold the Clock/display button for 5 seconds.

3. While continuing to press down that button, press the hour or minute buttons to adjust the hour and the minute

4. When you are finished, release the clock/display button