Did the Bear Make a Poo? — Yes He did!

Video I shot today on the changing table of a song I made up on the spot, and AA learned to contribute to it.  Shows off his impeccable rhythm, timing, and an infectious giggle.  Oh yes, and the word “Yes!”






3 responses to “Did the Bear Make a Poo? — Yes He did!”

  1. Tamar Weinberg Avatar
    Tamar Weinberg

    LOL I love it

  2. Shelli Avatar

    he'll love you for this in about oh, 6 years. 😉

    My goodness that child has so many teeth! Our little smoosh barely has the two bottom ones going.

  3. The Gertsacovs Avatar
    The Gertsacovs

    that was impressive! sign that kid up for the circus, before his dad teaches him incorrectly

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