A dearth of indie coffeehouses/Starbucks in Yonkers

A friend of mine on Facebook was complaining about her neighborhood in Brooklyn where there were no indie coffeehouses with non-rude service, so as a result she felt compelled to go to Starbuck’s.  Here’s what I wrote back:

You are complaining because you have indie coffee shops! Here in Yonkers we would kill for some hipsters to make fun of our clothes at an indie coffee shop. AFAIK, there is only one Starbucks in Yonkers. This is the fourth largest city in the state!


Starbucks in Yonkers, Central Park Avenue

I then did a little research. And it turns out there are 2 Starbucks in Yonkers, one on Central Park Ave and one on Bronx River Road (both Northern Yonkers) And the Bronx River Road one is practically Bronxville. And none in downtown Yonkers.

Starbucks in Yonkers, Bronx River Road

Manhattan has over 150 (171 as of a couple of years ago, but I believe some have closed)
Albany NY: has at least 8.
Buffalo NY: has at least 8
Syracuse NY has 4.


Come on snarky independent coffee houses! This is a retail opportunity!
What are you waiting for?






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