3 years and counting!

The invitation/poster to our wedding. Every wedding should have a poster! (The clown-fish is supposed to represent our little bun in the oven at the time, now our son!)


3 years ago we tied the knot!  It seems both like it just happened and that it’s been much longer (but in a good way)

A lot has happened since then– baby, change of jobs twice, my mom passing away, and lots of other stuff too.  But the plusses far outweigh the negatives.

For our anniversary we went to go see Garrison Keillor. I’m a fan, and Stephanie is most decidely not.  She bought me the tickets for our anniversary because

a) we went to the Met last month for an opera, at her request.  She loves it, but it’s not my favorite thing to do, (which is suprising, because I like music, I like spectacle, I like drama– but somehow opera is boring and stuffy to me.)

b) She was hoping that maybe by seeing him live she’d get a better appreciation and more tolerance.

It may have worked slightly, but I don’t think she’ll be visiting Lake Wobegon anytime soon!

Before we got married I used to joke that rather than get married, we should just have a contract with an option to renew every three years.

It’s been a good three years, and I want to renew!   :O)






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