Chuck Lesnick announces candidacy for Mayor

Chuck Lesnick announces his Yonkers mayoral candidacy.

Chuck Lesnick, who has been a Democratic leader on City Council during at least the last two terms of Republican Phil Amicone‘s mayorships, has announced that he will be running for Mayor.  This doesn’t come as a surprise to nearly anyone.

Chuck is a good guy (I’ve met him a couple of times and am friends with him on facebook)  I think he’d make a good mayor, although I admittedly don’t know anything about his opponents as of yet.
I only met Amicone once, and on the subject of the arts as an economic tool he is/was dead wrong.  I’m sure Chuck will do better.

Unfortunately, like my former city Providence RI, there’s a fair amount of corruption and expectation of doing things the “old way”  — ie, by knowing somebody who knows how it all works and getting them to exert their knowledge of the system on your behalf.  Reform is not easy under these conditions, but its also necessary.

Hopefully Chuck will make it happen.

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