The Complete Adventures of Little Bear

Curious GeorgeWe are on a school break this week, which means that each day’s adventure is the title of every Curious George book concatenated together:  LITTLE BEAR GOES TO THE PLAYGROUND, LITTLE BEAR RIDES A TRAIN, LITTLE BEAR GOES TO A MARKET, LITTLE BEAR GOES TO THE CIRCUS, etc. etc.  I’m wearing my yellow hat, and am trying to be very careful to not let the ostrich eat the bugle.

Yesterday after a brief sojourn to the (in order):  bank, playground, library, and bookstore– we found ourselves to be pretty hungry.  Next to Barnes and Noble is a new IHOP– so I thought that would be perfect.  However, there was a 20 minute wait.  So we walked a little further over to Pizzeria Uno.

Now, my wife is from Chicago, which means for the uninitiated that she is a snob about pizza, and very particular.  Everytime in the past I’ve suggested Pizzeria Uno’s she’s refused on the grounds that it isn’t going to be the hallowed pizza of her youth.
This has translated into our dear child also being a picky eater.  Even at 2.5, he will not eat stuff if it even seems to be different than what he wants.  It turns out that Pizzeria Uno has a GREAT kid’s menu, and AA loved the food,  and a very nice selection of food  for hungry dads that are not pizza.  We had a delightful lunch at a very reasonable price, and even had a mini-dessert for $2.  (LITTLE BEAR EATS AN ICE CREAM, coming soon to a bookstore near you!)

Next time I will suggest Pizzeria Uno, and will expend some political capital to get her there.  I think she’ll be pleasantly surprised.






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