the cat’s out of the bag

And it’s not Joey. It’s what I expect will be a new small and warm source of us not sleeping, having to clean up poo, worrying about whether there’s enough food….yes, a baby. There’s a baby coming to the Yonked House, approximately the end of August or early September. Adam and I are very, very excited. We’ve been trying to tell all of our closest friends and family personally, and so if you’re reading this and you’re upset that you didn’t hear from us via phone or in person because you think you should have been one of those people, perhaps check your email or voice mail, you may have a message from one of us. If not and you still think you should have been on that list, we apologize. It’s been a bit chaotic lately. Please don’t take it personally.

I made it through my first trimester with what was, from what I understand from other moms, moms-to-be and all the books, mercifully few yucchy symptoms. Adam would say that my worst symptom has been crankiness, but I think that’s just my usual, non-pregnant state and he’s hyper sensitive to it since I became pregnant. I think my worst symptom has been worry: worry about the baby, about whether I’m gaining enough/too much weight, worry about what I’m eating, worry about whether I remembered my prenatal vitamin today, worry about how we’re going to pay for this child who will need 18 years (or more) of shelter and food and education and clothing and at least a few of either matchbox cars or bratz dolls (though god willing those aren’t fashionable by the time a daughter of ours would want them).

So to answer what is, without question, the first question that everyone asks when they find out that I’m pregnant: we don’t know the sex of this baby. And it’s not likely we’re going to find out. And even if we do, we’re not telling. So you can stop asking. Seriously, I’m absolutely amazed that that’s what everyone, and I mean everyone from my hairdresser to my colleagues to the guy on the street, wants to know. I guess it’s a good conversation-advancing question, and especially for a guy who doesn’t want to talk about symptoms or childbirth, it’s also a good “out” question – especially when I tell them that we don’t know.

The second question everyone asks is have we thought of some names. The answer is yes, we’ve thought of some of them. Enough said.

But there are lots of other things we’re happy to discuss, anytime, so please call or email us, we’d love to hear from you!

Next post: some notes about our impending wedding. Though I’m convinced that it’s perfectly fine to get knocked up while unmarried when you’re over 40, we both agree it would be nicer to be married by the time the baby is born. Stay tuned.







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