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October, 2009:

Piano Playing Bear

We’ve picked out AA’s Halloween costume for this year, and well, what else could he be but a bear?
We originally had a dog costume that S had given to one of AA’s cousins, and now no longer fits, but it mysteriously disappeared.  Can’t find it anywhere.  Being as it was a dog, we can only hope it has found greener pastures.
We went on a shopping spree to make sure that we’d have this costume in time, and found the perfect costume (although S does not like the bowtie particularly.  I’m kind of a big fan of the bowtie- it’s not a run of the mill bear- this is a CLASSY bear)
The costume also came with a rainbow blanket (is it possible that this is a CareBear ™ costume?)  At any rate, the blanket has been banished from the costume.
S has to cut off the bear’s feet (the costume, not the child) so that he can wear his shoes and walk around as a bear.
We have to hope that Halloween is not bear season!
A full set of these photos is available over on Flickr:

Full blown walking!

Just days after the first video of him tentatively walking, he’s gotten a LOT better!
His mom to encourage him no doubt helps quite a bit.

And he’s a fast learner!

How our houseblog became a homeblog

I’m in Las Vegas for Blog World Expo for the next few days and I was talking to some bloggers last night, describing how we used to be housebloggers, but that now I feel like we’re no longer legit in using that term (when we do blog, which is so rare). It’s almost never about the house anymore, much more about Aaron and our lives. So someone said, “now you’re a homeblogger” which is so true! That’s what I’ll say from here on out. I definitely don’t want to be lumped into the “mommyblogger” category since a) Adam writes 75% of the blog and b) it’s about more than our kid (well, at least that’s the intent). (I also have an issue with the term “mommyblogger,” as do many female bloggers I know, since marketers and PR-types (my colleagues, excluded, of course!) tend to want to categorize all women bloggers as “mommybloggers” even though most of them don’t write about being mommies most of the time….but that’s another post entirely!)

So, inevitably, what am I going to post today? Photos of Aaron from our pumpkin/apple adventure at Outhouse Orchards on Columbus Day. Because I’m missing him and these are the cutest photos ever of my boy who’s getting so big! (Thanks, Shelli and Patty for a great day at the pumpkin patch!)

Also please note the tiny bit of knitblogging going on here as Aaron shows of his newly-knitted Pumpkin Hat! So see, it’s not just about the kid!

On the cusp of walking

As these two videos below show, Aaron is on the very cusp of walking.

The first video shows a 13 second clip of Aaron actually walking to the walker, and then walking with it.

The second video is longer, but has lots of cute little moments of him looking at the camera, and walking, and looking at the camera, and walking!