Month: February 2010

  • A bear and his horse

    S’s trip back from Houston was not without its rewards.  AA received the landmark “Hiding Horse” from the conference hotel, the Four Seasons. Here he is with his new horse:

  • Home Alone

    Well, I’m home alone. Actually, I’m not that alone, I have a little bear with me. S is in Houston for the Mom 2.0 Summit, where I’m happy to say she’s moderating a panel. Go, wife! The downside is that apparently at these Mom events, there is no room for children. or husbands, for that…

  • An Excellent Display of Balance

    Aaron is showing some fine motor skills. He also eschews his expensive toys that we buy him for simple home made ones, like this cardboard paper roll. He loves to yell into it, to look through it, and of course, to balance it.

  • A Bear that Snovels Show

    On Wednesday it snowed about an inch or so, and I had to clear it before it got all icy.  I took out the bear to do the work also, for his first official snow time. (We finally found Snow Boots!)  I wrapped him up in his oh so warm snow suit and took him…