Second summer

I can hardly believe we’re starting Aaron’s second summer. As I sat yesterday watching Adam push him on the swings in the playground, it seems nearly inconceivable that a year ago Aaron wasn’t even walking, and now the playground (“paawk”) is a major fixture in our lives.

Aaron is such an outdoors boy; maybe that’s true of many kids, or many boys, but he sure didn’t get that desire from us, the indoor geeks. And his skin is so fair (and his parents have both had skin cancers removed), so now I live in high anxiety as I worry daily about his sun exposure, whether the nanny used the sunscreen (and liberally enough), where his hat is.

He always seeks out the big kids at the park as well as the bigger play structures, though gets a bit intimidated when thinking about going down the bigger slides. He also hates to have sand or dirt in his shoes, and god forbid he’d be barefoot in the sandbox – in that regard he’s exactly like his mom.

Here’s a video of Aaron going backwards up a slide for the first time.  He tried a bunch of times before he made it.






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