CSA Hauls week 5 & 6

Well, Stephanie has been super busy, so apparently she has bailed on the CSA Haul posting for those 2 weeks.  Hopefully she’ll be back doing her sworn appointed CSA Haul duties this week.

Just so we are completists, here’s our haul lists for the previous two weeks:

Here’s our haul for week 5 (picked up 7/8/10)

1 bunch of beets (traded)
3 pieces of Zuchini (6)
1 head of Broccoli (2)
1 head of Napa Cabbage
1 bunch Mini Onions
1 bunch of Chard
1 head of Lettuce (traded)
1 bag of Peaches (in an apple bag)

Here’s our Haul for week 6:

Purple eggplant
Image by fortinbras via Flickr

2 pieces of eggplant (4) I took the purple eggplant
2 pieces of zuchini/squash
2 pieces of cucumber
1 bunch mini onions
1 lb beans
1 bunch of green curly Kale (2)
1 head of Lettuce (traded)
1 bunch of Parsley (traded, much to Stephanie’s chagrin)
1 bunch of mint (kept, much to Stephanie’s chagrin)

1 bag of plums

Stephanie made a delicious cole slaw from the Napa cabbage that we ate with a slow cooked pork roast that ended up being absolutely fantastic.

Our fridge was so full after the second haul that I immediately cooked all the Kale, and all of the spring onions (we’d had some from the previous week)  I made a ground meat/beans/onions quick chili that got put over rice, and the remainder made a delicious omelette yesterday. That got our fridge down to acceptably full levels.

Both bags of fruit have been really good.  Someone at the pickup complained last year that some of the plums were tasteless, but I didn’t find that to be true this year.  The red plums are sweet like candy, and the yellow plums are just plain delicious. And the peaches (not apples, as the bag said) were hard when we got them, but one day later were dripping with juicy peach goodness.

Our fridge is still pretty full, but we’re working on it!

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