It was just a year ago today…

That at 4 am Stephanie started having contractions and writing them down, and we started the 15 hour process/adventure that ended at 7:08 pm with an emergency c-section and a young boy named Aaron Kyle.

And now he is 1! The year went by very very fast!

And here for your viewing entertainment only– some unedited unexpurgated first moments of Aaron’s life. Don’t worry all, the only nudity is baby nudity, and it is brief.







2 responses to “It was just a year ago today…”

  1. Shelli Avatar

    Happy first year surviving, you two! much love as you enter into year TWO!

  2. Lindsay Lebresco Avatar
    Lindsay Lebresco

    Love the highchair! He's adorable. Sorry I'm over a month late on this one 🙂 He is beautiful Stephanie.

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