From Mama to Mommy

It seems that Aaron is growing exponentially – every day there are a bunch of new words, new crazy antics, and new attitudes (“no, no no!”).  But the most surprising of all is that suddenly, in the span of the last three days, I’ve gone from being “Mama” to “Mommy.”  I think I call myself Mommy most of the time, and Adam calls me that to Aaron too, so that’s where he’s getting it from – but it’s still surprising, and a bit bittersweet, because Mama was one of his first words and his changing of my “title” makes me remember every time he says it how fast he’s becoming a big boy. - new potty
Aaron with the new potty on his head

He’s developing his language skills so quickly; many words which were once one syllable are now almost full words – like “moke” to “mocycle” and “ap” to “apple.”  And he recognizes and can say the names of hundreds of objects in books and on iPad/iPod flashcards – yes, he’s quite the iPad/iPod whiz!

I know that someday Mommy will become Mom and then Ma – as in, “hey, Ma, can I have the keys to the car?”  But I want to hold on to these moments of growth and exploration forever. - new trike
On the new "syche," with the new "hemet"






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  1. adhocmom Avatar

    Time to stop cursing. . ha!! Although you seem much too classy for that sort of thing.

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