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July, 2010:

CSA Hauls week 5 & 6

Well, Stephanie has been super busy, so apparently she has bailed on the CSA Haul posting for those 2 weeks.  Hopefully she’ll be back doing her sworn appointed CSA Haul duties this week.

Just so we are completists, here’s our haul lists for the previous two weeks:

Here’s our haul for week 5 (picked up 7/8/10)

1 bunch of beets (traded)
3 pieces of Zuchini (6)
1 head of Broccoli (2)
1 head of Napa Cabbage
1 bunch Mini Onions
1 bunch of Chard
1 head of Lettuce (traded)
1 bag of Peaches (in an apple bag)

Here’s our Haul for week 6:

Purple eggplant
Image by fortinbras via Flickr

2 pieces of eggplant (4) I took the purple eggplant
2 pieces of zuchini/squash
2 pieces of cucumber
1 bunch mini onions
1 lb beans
1 bunch of green curly Kale (2)
1 head of Lettuce (traded)
1 bunch of Parsley (traded, much to Stephanie’s chagrin)
1 bunch of mint (kept, much to Stephanie’s chagrin)

1 bag of plums

Stephanie made a delicious cole slaw from the Napa cabbage that we ate with a slow cooked pork roast that ended up being absolutely fantastic.

Our fridge was so full after the second haul that I immediately cooked all the Kale, and all of the spring onions (we’d had some from the previous week)  I made a ground meat/beans/onions quick chili that got put over rice, and the remainder made a delicious omelette yesterday. That got our fridge down to acceptably full levels.

Both bags of fruit have been really good.  Someone at the pickup complained last year that some of the plums were tasteless, but I didn’t find that to be true this year.  The red plums are sweet like candy, and the yellow plums are just plain delicious. And the peaches (not apples, as the bag said) were hard when we got them, but one day later were dripping with juicy peach goodness.

Our fridge is still pretty full, but we’re working on it!

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First Week of School

AA went through his first week of school, and the short and the long of it is that he LOVED it.

He loves to drive the car

Although he’s good at playing by himself and with us, he has not had as many kid play partners as we would have liked.  I was a little worried that he wouldn’t play well with others, or that he’d be nervous around other adults (the teachers)  So far, not at all.  He has taken to school/camp like a duck to water.

He’s the youngest kid there, but he’s not the smallest or the least developed either verbally or physically.  (Which we were a little worried about.  He’s in the 25th percentile of height and the 10th percentile of weight.  The class

normally is supposed to be for 2 years old or over, but they made an exception for us)

The school is 2 1/4 hours 3 days a week (9-11:15 am)  The first 45 minutes is kind of free play– there’s a kitchen to play in, and lots of different kinds of blocks, and tables for play-dough, and for coloring, and an easel to do some painting on.  AA is a big fan of painting.  He takes after my mom that way (who was an art teacher)  He loves to create stuff and see it take shape on the paper.

During the free play, there’s less kid interaction than I expected.  Maybe it’s because kids this age don’t play together as much as they play at the same time.  AA likes to watch the kids play, but he does his own thing mostly.

The artist at work

After 45 minutes, it’s cleanup time, and then it’s time for a snack.  We are hoping that peer pressure will get him to stop drinking milk out of a bottle and out of a cup.  So far, no luck.  He just keeps on requesting water (which he does drink out of a cup)

After the snack, they sing a few songs, and AA is an arduous dancer during this segment.  Now it’s around 10:15, and it’s time to get dressed into water clothes and go to the outdoor playground, where they have riding toys and climbing stuff, and a couple of sprinklers set up.  If it’s too hot or too rainy, the class stays inside in a racquetball court.  I’ve been twice out of the three days (S went the second day) and both times I went it was too hot or the air quality alert was out.  So it’s been the racquetball court for us.

They also have a riding rollercoaster track, which is quite fun.
Here’s two videos of him enjoying the rollercoaster track/car.

CSA Haul Week 4: Beyond the peas

csa-haul-peasI’m really sick of the peas.  The first week they were so fresh and springy and we had tons of them – they became a lovely afternoon snack, part of a warm salad, and a dinner side with balsamic vinegar.  The second week they were less fresh and less springy and I struggled to steam them and eat them, but I did, mainly as a snack.  The third week I have to admit they got yucchy in the fridge and they got tossed out.  This is the fourth week of peas, and now they’re old and tired.  They’re big and tough and I don’t even want to take the time to snap off the strings.  But I’ve put them lovingly into a green bag and into the crisper drawer in the fridge.  We’ll see what happens.

This week’s haul:

1 bunch Japanese Hakurei Turnips
1 bunch Red Beets (traded for extra Kale)
1 bunch Siberian Kale
1 bunch Italian Parlsey
1 bunch Scallions
1 Lettuce Head
1/2 lb snap peas

No fruit; strawberry season has come to an early end, unfortunately.


Scallions & kale

The scallions are particularly beautiful this week – they were too big to fit in the crisper drawer so I hacked off some of the tops.  But there’s still plenty to last for a week’s worth of meals, and maybe we’ll grill some this weekend at the beach, too.

Adam is steaming up a bunch of last week’s rainbow chard and this week’s kale with which we’ll create a couple of portable summer salads to take to the beach for the holiday weekend.  For the kale I’ll probably do an Asian-style vinaigrette (rice wine vinegar, maybe some mirin or fish sauce, sesame oil) and toss in some sesame seeds.  For the chard, I think I’ll chop it and combine it with some red quinoa that Adam cooked for tonight’s dinner as well as some of the scallions.  And what the hell, maybe I’ll steam some peas to go in there too.


Parsley, turnips & lettuce

Here’s hoping for blueberries next week.  I think it’s almost time.