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April, 2011:

Our 15 minutes of fame are almost up!

This photo of us is in the NY Times!

Remarkably, the NY Times decided to revisit my marriage and write ANOTHER article about us and how we are progressing three years later.  (We had a VOWS article 3 years ago)

I know, I know, it’s a little much, but how could we say no?

The article will appear in print on Sunday May 1, but it’s online now for your perusal


I think it’s a really good article (but I’m a little biased!)

Our vows article (if you are interested):  http://nyti.ms/9xpTYS


Chuck Lesnick announces candidacy for Mayor

Chuck Lesnick announces his Yonkers mayoral candidacy.

Chuck Lesnick, who has been a Democratic leader on City Council during at least the last two terms of Republican Phil Amicone‘s mayorships, has announced that he will be running for Mayor.  This doesn’t come as a surprise to nearly anyone.

Chuck is a good guy (I’ve met him a couple of times and am friends with him on facebook)  I think he’d make a good mayor, although I admittedly don’t know anything about his opponents as of yet.
I only met Amicone once, and on the subject of the arts as an economic tool he is/was dead wrong.  I’m sure Chuck will do better.

Unfortunately, like my former city Providence RI, there’s a fair amount of corruption and expectation of doing things the “old way”  — ie, by knowing somebody who knows how it all works and getting them to exert their knowledge of the system on your behalf.  Reform is not easy under these conditions, but its also necessary.

Hopefully Chuck will make it happen.

Find out more about his candidacy at http://www.chuck-lesnick.com/

Parks & Recreation “Vegan Bacon”

A Hilarious clip from the character Ron Swanson who visits a “Whole Foods”- like establishment for the first time.

This character consistently makes me laugh.


School Project: A Bun in the Oven


Photo of High School Sociologist Gaby Rodriguez. (courtesy of Jezebel.com)

This is kind of an amazing school project– a 17 year old girl with straight A’s FAKED a pregnancy for 6 months to study how lies, rumors, and innuendoes travel around the school.  It’s a mind-boggling idea, considering that most girls at this age are so peer-pressured that they are actually GETTING pregnant rather than let people say bad things about them.


“She had been nervous about how the crowd might react. After all, she had been lying to them since October.

“It ‘happened’ at homecoming,” says principal Trevor Greene, making air quotes with his middle and index fingers at the word “happened.”

“In essence, she gave up her senior year,” he says. “She sacrificed her senior year to find out what it would be like to be a potential teen mom.

“I admire her courage. I admire her preparation. I give her mother a lot of credit for backing her up on this.”

But, the principal continues, “I have a daughter that will be here next year, and I would not let her do it.”


Read the Yakima Post article:

Read the Jezebel blog post

The Complete Adventures of Little Bear

Curious GeorgeWe are on a school break this week, which means that each day’s adventure is the title of every Curious George book concatenated together:  LITTLE BEAR GOES TO THE PLAYGROUND, LITTLE BEAR RIDES A TRAIN, LITTLE BEAR GOES TO A MARKET, LITTLE BEAR GOES TO THE CIRCUS, etc. etc.  I’m wearing my yellow hat, and am trying to be very careful to not let the ostrich eat the bugle.

Yesterday after a brief sojourn to the (in order):  bank, playground, library, and bookstore– we found ourselves to be pretty hungry.  Next to Barnes and Noble is a new IHOP– so I thought that would be perfect.  However, there was a 20 minute wait.  So we walked a little further over to Pizzeria Uno.

Now, my wife is from Chicago, which means for the uninitiated that she is a snob about pizza, and very particular.  Everytime in the past I’ve suggested Pizzeria Uno’s she’s refused on the grounds that it isn’t going to be the hallowed pizza of her youth.
This has translated into our dear child also being a picky eater.  Even at 2.5, he will not eat stuff if it even seems to be different than what he wants.  It turns out that Pizzeria Uno has a GREAT kid’s menu, and AA loved the food,  and a very nice selection of food  for hungry dads that are not pizza.  We had a delightful lunch at a very reasonable price, and even had a mini-dessert for $2.  (LITTLE BEAR EATS AN ICE CREAM, coming soon to a bookstore near you!)

Next time I will suggest Pizzeria Uno, and will expend some political capital to get her there.  I think she’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Please Fence Us In!

We’re researching fences right now.  Our current fence is probably 70 years old, and bent in all the wrong places.  A new fence and some tasteful landscaping would really change the curb appeal of our house.

The downside is we have a huge area that needs to be fenced because we’re on a corner lot.  I think they measured 97 linear feet of fence is what we are going to need.  And because of the neighborhood, it needs to be a pretty sturdy fence.

It’s going to set us back some, but I don’t see any other way around it.  The infrastructure must be taken care of!

Got a good fence contractor in the tri-state area?  Send them our way!

3 years and counting!

The invitation/poster to our wedding. Every wedding should have a poster! (The clown-fish is supposed to represent our little bun in the oven at the time, now our son!)


3 years ago we tied the knot!  It seems both like it just happened and that it’s been much longer (but in a good way)

A lot has happened since then– baby, change of jobs twice, my mom passing away, and lots of other stuff too.  But the plusses far outweigh the negatives.

For our anniversary we went to go see Garrison Keillor. I’m a fan, and Stephanie is most decidely not.  She bought me the tickets for our anniversary because

a) we went to the Met last month for an opera, at her request.  She loves it, but it’s not my favorite thing to do, (which is suprising, because I like music, I like spectacle, I like drama– but somehow opera is boring and stuffy to me.)

b) She was hoping that maybe by seeing him live she’d get a better appreciation and more tolerance.

It may have worked slightly, but I don’t think she’ll be visiting Lake Wobegon anytime soon!

Before we got married I used to joke that rather than get married, we should just have a contract with an option to renew every three years.

It’s been a good three years, and I want to renew!   :O)